Green Oliver Arts at Blanco Riad, our astonishing exhibition

Green Oliver Arts at Blanco Riad, our astonishing exhibition

Daughter green olive arts at Blanco Riad Greenolivearts at blanco riad



«Ahmad» and «Daughter», two beautiful examples of what we have at Blanco Riad. The astonishing way of painting and capturing the impressive details, the sensitiveness of the artist makes Blanco Riad nowadays a better place to have a mint tea.

Jeff MacRobbie is an American artist who has been living with his family in Morocco since 2007 in 3 different cities, studying language, painting portraits and laying the groundwork for an international art residency. In 2013 he, artist Rachel Pearsey and Peter Herron founded Green Olive Arts in Tetouan with a vision for facilitating foreign artists in seasons of creative production, reseaerch and collaboration with local artists. An experienced art teacher, woodworker, and painter, Jeff has a passion for seeing people develop their creativity in a community setting. His artwork ranges from portraits of Moroccans to landscape painting and even puppetry design.



While I am writing this article I cannot stop admiring this painting of Rachel Pearsey. Rachel is an American artist from California, where she earned her bachelors degree in Studio Art.  Her work is exhibited in galleries and is in private collections throughout North America, New Zealand, Australia, and Morocco, North Africa. She has been living and working as an artist in Morocco, where the colors, culture, and history of North Africa strongly influence her work and the images she creates. She is co-founder and director of women’s initiatives at Green Olive Arts, Tetouan.

Rachel’s paintings on display at Blanco Riad are part of a series called the Colors of Morocco. About this series, Rachel says, “I am continuously delighted by colors and textures and people, from the vibrant orange sands of the Sahara desert in the South, to the mountain town of Chefchaouen – a town strewn with fabulous old doors, painted in hues of blue, and bags of pigment powder waiting to be mixed into paint to cover the centuries old walls.”

You can find more information about this series of paintings on her website here.

By the way….these original are available for purchase, do not hesitate to contact us for any other information. Probably you feel that you are in love with these paintings. So do I!!