There are eight gorgeous en-suite rooms for you to choose from. Each one is unique, and each one is beautifully decorated.

Please have a look at the pictures, it’s hard to describe the Moroccan intimacy we spent months creating.

Every room has air-conditioning and heating, so you can be sure you’ll be cosy no matter what the weather. There’s also a television and a hair-dryer in each room. And with free Wi-Fi, you’ll never be out of touch with friends and family whilst on your holiday. We’ve named our Blanco Riad rooms after inspirational women from the Arab world: Aicha, Fatima, Shehrezad, Meriem, Moraira, Leila, Balkis and Subh.


Grand Suite Aicha

The main room in Blanco Riad, Aicha, the intelligent and fighting woman, political advisor of the Prophet

Senior Suite Shéhrezad

The Senior Suite, Shéhrezad, that witty, wise and loquacious woman from the tales of “The 1001 nights”

Senior Suite Fátima

The Senior Suite Fatima, the patient, fertile and protective woman known by the popular hand symbol

Senior Suite Meriem

Meriem, universal name present in all religions and to which we honor in this Senior Suite

Junior Suite Moraira

About Moraira, the legend tells that her tears formed the beautiful Mediterranean beach that has her name

Standard Room Balkis

This is the room whose name refers to the Queen of Sabah, wise ruler and fair judge in her time

Standard Room Leila

Leila, the main character of Ganyavi Poems, the Arab poet who imagined the Juliette of Shakespeare before she existed

Double Room Subh

It means dawn and is the name of a beautiful and intellectual woman who stood out in the Cordovan Court